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Do you enable Rocket Loader from CloudFlare?

No we don’t enable Rocket Loader. While its a cool tool with lots of potential, the Rocket Loader still tends to cause issues for many websites. Specifically the Rocket Loader is a free feature that combines all javascript (JS) files and loads them async which theoretically speeds up loading time. In reality, loading time usually is not improved very much, but conflicts are often caused on WordPress websites because of Rocket Loader forcing all the JS to load at the same time rather than in the order it wants to (or the non-compressed way it wants to). While this could be blamed many times on poor coding from plugin or theme authors, its the reality of WordPress many times, and Rocket Loader at this time usually causes more problems than it solves. Still, if you wish to turn it on, we can do it for you, but we don’t really recommend it.

Last modified:  2 Oct, 2015