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If I upgrade hosting, should I reorder (add-on) services?

No, you should not! If you upgrade your server (hosting plan) all of your purchased services are included in that. For example, SFTP, SSL, SendGrid, or any other paid service will be transferred automatically to your upgraded (stronger) server plan free of charge. So, if you already purchased services, please do NOT purchase them again if you decide to upgrade. That being said, if you are ordering a 2nd or 3rd or additional hosting plan then yes, please go ahead and order add-on services specifically for that server. You will notice our account/billing panel is very simple, and we keep track of what you’ve ordered on our own detailed customer database. So we will know if you have or have not ordered a service in case you forget, simply contact us if you are confused and we can sort it out. Cheers :)

Last modified:  10 Sep, 2015