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A plugin recommends ‘query cache type’ enabled?

As LittleBizzy uses MySQL 5.6 which is vastly different from older versions of MySQL, many settings are now different by default, and configuration is not the same recommendations as earlier versions of MySQL. One such setting that was always recommended prior to version 5.6 was ‘query cache type’ however this is no longer recommended in 5.6 as innoDB has become the dominant type of storage engine in MySQL 5.6+ and the new (similar) setting which is more important to configure is called innoDB buffer size.

We generally don’t “over configure” MySQL unless on high traffic sites, i.e. our Premium plan or higher. Just because, the default MySQL 5.6 settings are considered “safe” for most setups, albeit not as optimized. However if you notice slowing, or a plugin is making recommendations re: slow SQL queries i.e. the free Query Monitor plugin, do feel free to get in touch and our team will see about tweaking some settings in your server’s MySQL configuration files.

Last modified: 25 Oct, 2015http://bizzy.in/1WbZQVZ

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