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Does your hosting support linking with a POS system?

ANSWER: Yes! If you have a “brick and mortar” store or public outlet — such as a furniture warehouse — but you also need to manage online orders too, WooCommerce is arguably the best solution for such a case, because the software supports extensions for physical POS systems like Square, PayPal (Braintree), and Lightspeed, while still empowering the most customizable online designs and functionality:


However, if your real life store or shop conducts the vast majority of sales offline — such as a restaurant or coffee shop — WooCommerce may not be the best option for you, because such businesses usually have little or zero need to maintain online inventory. In other words, a POS system like Square can manage all your in-person transactions with customers, so there’s probably no need for an eCommerce bridge.

In such cases, we recommend setting up a basic WordPress website as a homepage for your local shop, and dealing with your POS separately.

Last modified:  4 Oct, 2017