Every new hosting plan ordered during June 2019 can request free DNSSEC setup ($39 value).
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Why don’t you offer phpmyadmin setup?

We don’t ever install phpmyadmin for our clients because it is one of the most commonly hacked and targeted applications in the world. It really doesn’t matter what security steps you take, phpmyadmin will still often be targeted by hackers or bots. Not only this, but installing phpmyadmin tends to cause customer-made problems as well, often from the lone freelancer or well-meaning staff member getting into trouble trying to managed the database directly. Again, LittleBizzy is focused on off-loading technical worry from small business owners and stabilizing server performance, and nothing is more important to that goal then making sure nobody can fiddle with your website’s database… even if that person is you. If you are a poweruser who is super comfortable inside phpmyadmin and SSH, then our hosting may not be the best fit for you as we aim to control the details on your behalf. If you are not a poweruser but your developers are requesting database access, there are still some options available.


Last modified: 14 Sep, 2015http://bizzy.in/1KbGbub

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