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Do you offer/support Google’s PageSpeed module?

ANSWER: The pagespeed module released by Google for Nginx and Apache servers is kinda cool. Mostly, it optimizes your web page content i.e. can minify or compress the code and a few other things. Since all our clients are behind CloudFlare, which already offers similar features PLUS delivery from CDN nodes around the world, there is really no point to have pagespeed installed on our origin servers. In fact, since our philosophy is “simple as possible” it would theoretically be redundant and possibly cause conflicts by having these both active.

In summary, no we don’t offer the pagespeed module for Nginx and have no plans to. Your web page resources are cached in CloudFlare, meaning the biggest optimization focus for our origin servers is quality hardware/datacenters, modern software versions, and optimizing “uncached” a.k.a. dynamic queries. In other words, this means we focus a lot on caches such as PHP Opcache, Redis object cache (for MySQL queries), and page cache plugins for WordPress. Lastly, for super high traffic sites that have an issue with too many concurrent users, we offer custom Nginx builds with FastCGI reverse proxy + TMPFS to deliver requests via RAM before they even hit the PHP processor or hard disk.



Last modified:  9 Dec, 2016