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Can LittleBizzy stop ‘enabling’ certain features?

When a new website (domain) joins LittleBizzy, there are several services and features that our team sets up. Some of them are mandatory, i.e. CloudFlare, while others are optional, including Comet Cache, Disable Emojis, Automatic Updates, and so forth. While we strongly encourage clients to keep all “recommended” plugins and features active and functional, we understand that sometimes there will be an undesired feature. In that case, our team respects your choice and will make a note in your account in our database regarding which features you wish to keep disabled. Or, if we notice that you have manually disabled a certain plugin or feature, we will automatically update our notes on your account to NOT re-enable that feature. However, sometimes we do notice that a third party i.e. freelancer has logged in and disabled a few features perhaps for testing purposes and forgotten to turn them back on. In that case, our team may opt to re-enable our “recommended” features if we believe they’ve been accidentally or unknowingly disabled. In any case, if you do have a strong preference, simply get in touch with our team and we will update your account notes in our database so that back-and-forth confusion does not happen. Cheers!

Last modified: 4 Oct, 2015http://bizzy.in/1PXJkBy

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