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Do you support files outside my WordPress install?

Files or folders outside of your proper WordPress installation do not fall under what LittleBizzy (or the WordPress community) considers part of a proper WordPress installation. For example, if you are improperly using your server as a “storage” service for personal photos, client files, etc. that are outside your WordPress directories, those are NOT part of a WordPress website. As our team focuses entirely on managed WordPress hosting, we do not provide any support for issues you might have with “other” files or directories on your server; this includes migration issues, backup issues, access or download issues, and beyond. This is because we are focused on being the best managed WordPress hosting company in the world, which means we must draw clear lines as to what we do and do not support. We urge you not to use SFTP in improper ways, and to delete ALL files and folders outside your WordPress installation. Specifically, anything other than:


Only the above folders and files are “part” of a normal, recommended WordPress website. If you have other files, we cannot help you with any issues that may come up. In some cases our team may opt to help with your problem as a courtesy, but please realize this is indeed a courtesy and NOT part of our support policy or Terms of Service. Thanks!

Last modified: 2 Oct, 2015http://bizzy.in/1KcdGvv

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