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Do you allow email newsletter WordPress plugins?

Yes! Earlier in LittleBizzy’s lifetime, we did not allow any newsletter plugins. This is because we were setting up our customers as sub-accounts of our agency partnership with SendGrid to deliver email on behalf of our clients websites. At that time it was impossible to track inside SendGrid which domain was sending spam or getting a high bounce rate. In mid-2015 SendGrid greatly improved their UI and reporting, and we have a much clearer idea of any bad emails being sent out in our hosting cloud. This is better for us as a company, but also better for our customers, as we can more quickly advise any website that has a hacked plugin or has a high rate of email bounces. Based on this, we decided to add a MailPoet Premium service to our Services offered, at a much discounted rate than customers usually pay for that service. As a prerequisite to ordering MailPoet Premium we require customers to have ordered SendGrid through us so that we can monitor the quality of all SendGrid / MailPoet performance. You are still free to use another newsletter plugin or send via SMTP if you do not wish to use our MailPoet Premium option, but in that case we cannot offer you any support for it.

Last modified:  2 Oct, 2015