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Do you offer New Relic or monitoring apps?

If you aren’t aware, New Relic is a wildly popular application that you can install on servers to “monitor” performance and applications; there are not many comparable apps out there right now. In our opinion, New Relic a vastly misused software amongst small businesses who often fall prey to the company’s fanfare — specifically, many small business owners with WordPress websites often use the application to track their visitors and similar statistics. Rather than loading a server with more and more applications, LittleBizzy believes in keeping servers as lightweight as possible especially for a dynamic CMS like WordPress that needs lots of database queries. Instead of using New Relic for a simple WordPress setup, its better to use a lighter traffic script such as StatCounter, Clicky, or even just Google Analytics.

Last modified: 13 Sep, 2015http://bizzy.in/1EVzrnA

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