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How do we add, change, etc SFTP users/passwords?

ANSWER: Our minimalistic setup drastically improves performance and security. As part of this vision, we add a single SFTP user for each server/website in our network. This SFTP user has access to your entire WordPress “root” meaning that they can edit or change any file on your server. Unlike cPanel servers (etc) we don’t offer the ability to add dozens of SFTP users with various “home” directories. Please ensure that you only share your SFTP access with trusted users, and keep in mind that using the server as a “storage” service for non WordPress files is highly discouraged and frowned upon.

In the case that you feel your SFTP password should be updated, no problem. Please contact our Support team with your domain name and simply ask for the SFTP user’s password to be changed and we can do that anytime.

Last modified:  16 Oct, 2016