Every new hosting plan ordered during June 2019 can request free DNSSEC setup ($39 value).
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Our JetPack plugin isn’t working, do you support it?

Our apologies but while certain functions in JetPack may work on our hosting, others may not. This is because we block XML-RPC on our customers’ VPS servers for better security. XML-RPC is an old feature of WordPress that allows remote connections, opening WordPress sites open to all kinds of spam and other attacks. As 99% of WordPress websites don’t require XML-RPC nor the JetPack plugin (especially with our optimized, fast-loading hosting), we are firm about not allowing XML-RPC in our network. You are free to install the JetPack plugin, however we strongly recommend you dont. There is truly no good reason to use JetPack that we’ve found, especially since it greatly hurts site performance in many cases.

Last modified: 7 Oct, 2015http://bizzy.in/1OXEnLG

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