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Do you support Git version control?

ANSWER: Yes, however only for Enterprise level clients. Git is an awesome technology that is by far the most popular way to track and manage versions and updates amongst highly skilled web developers. However, because of its complexity and high learning curve, it typically requires some sort of serious team or in-house group of developers to make it worth the while (and to avoid totally screwing things up).

For thing reason, only companies with professional developers experienced in Git should be using it. And because of the extra support etc required, we only offer it currently to our Enterprise level clients.

We install Git on your server, and encourage you to make use of it via VersionPress


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Local Business

"After being hosted on GoDaddy for years, I didn't realize how negatively it was impacting my search traffic. Soon after moving to LittleBizzy, my homepage went from page 3 on Google to #1 world-wide for my target market, and I also reached the top 3 on Google Maps, with no additional SEO work."

Juliette S.

High Traffic

"Before moving to LittleBizzy, whenever our news website was featured on the Drudge Report, it often slowed to a crawl or even froze up during big traffic spikes. Now, that never happens anymore, and we've been able to focus on publishing more articles instead of worrying about our web hosting."

Tony H.


"The research by Amazon is definitely true, because our slow WooCommerce store was bleeding sales. After LittleBizzy stabilized our performance and moved us closer to our target customers, we saw a measurable improvement in shopping cart checkouts, esp. during holidays... much better!"

Mohammed H.

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