Every new hosting plan ordered during June 2019 can request free DNSSEC setup ($39 value).
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Are there foreign exchange fees with your billing?

Yes, there might be, depending on your location (and your bank’s location, i.e. whoever issues your credit card on file). Our “incoming” bank that accepts Stripe deposits from clients is based in the USA, however. We are continuing to research this to make things easier for clients, but you may be charged an “exchange rate” conversion fee on every monthly billing. We decided to do away with annual billing because so many of our clients change their hosting plan each month, so unfortunately these fees are currently a monthly issue. However the good thing is that our payment processor, Stripe, is now investment partners with companies like American Express and Mastercard, so as time goes on there will probably be better and better options when it comes to their billing and fees. This page may help in the meanwhile:


Last modified: 12 Feb, 2016http://bizzy.in/1o5Dshl

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