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Our site is not delivering email (i.e. contact forms) etc?

Serious VPS cloud servers do not install email applications like Postfix, Webmail, etc to ensure top security and performance. If a VPS server installs these apps, there is a good chance they could be hacked or eventually lead the server or IP address or domain to be blacklisted (which can be nearly impossible to fix).

For this reason we do not install email apps directly to our client servers. However we use and highly recommend our clients to use SendGrid, which is a third party API and the most popular email delivery system in the world.

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You can also use an old-fashion SMTP plugin instead however these are prone to issues and do not have a reliable delivery rate.

If you need types of email addresses, we also don’t provide this service. You will need to setup a third party email system such as Google Apps ($5/user per month) or Zoho Mail which is free. We offer a Google Apps setup service:

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Last modified:  9 Sep, 2016