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One of our email address(es) stopped working?

ANSWER: Email addresses rely on MX records in your DNS records to tell the internet where email should be sent (i.e. which server/service, such as Microsoft 365, etc). If your email address stopped working, it’s either because an MX record is incorrect, or because your email service provider (i.e. Microsoft 365) is not setup correctly or is having other issues. Keep in mind that LittleBizzy does not offer email address services, like an old-fashioned cPanel/Apache web host does. Modern email providers such as Microsoft or Google Apps are much safer and more reliable, which is what we recommend our clients to use.

Order Google Apps setup/migration now:

To know which MX records should be, you should consult with your email service provider. Then you can check MX Toolbox to confirm your records for your domain, which are publicly distributed:

If you see an error, contact us and tell us what your MX records should be corrected to at anytime —

Last modified:  6 Feb, 2017