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Is it possible to downgrade my managed hosting plan/server?

ANSWER: It is not possible to downgrade a LittleBizzy hosting plan/server at this time. This is largely because of the way cloud VPS hosting works — the servers are designed to scale quickly as needed, but after the hard drive is expanded, it cannot be shrunk back to a smaller size without a significant risk to losing data. Due to that risk, it is literally not possible for us to downgrade a server with our cloud network partners, as they block this action from their end.

Therefore if you wish to “downgrade” to a smaller plan, you will need to order our site migration service, but only after our team has approved the change. It should be noted that if your site traffic has ever passed the maximum requests/mo for a lower priced plan, we won’t be able to perform this downgrade/migration process.

Moreover, any “downgrade” request must be fully processed 5 days before the end of the current month.

Ultimately, we seek to partner with stable, growing businesses that understand investment basics. In other words, smart budgeting is always a good idea, but trying to squeeze every penny out of the relationship with LittleBizzy is not really good business (and wastes time), so please think twice before requesting a plan downgrade. Maintaining stable billing and relationships is just as important as a stable website, and you can’t have one without the other. Thanks!

Last modified:  30 Jul, 2017