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Your disk space and bandwidth seem lower than others?

ANSWER: Due to our partnership with DigitalOcean, one of the fastest growing VPS companies in the world, we offer some of the best hosting technology available to our clients including SSD drives, top notch datacenters, top of the line RAM memory, and more. However, due to the nature of virtual servers, and since they are powered in large virtual clusters, they require less processing power than old style dedicated server boxes. This along with super fast SSD drives means top notch performance for specs that may at first appear less than the specs from earlier in the 21st century web hosting world.

As far as bandwidth goes, some hosting providers advertising things like “unlimited” bandwidth as a sales tactic despite it not often being true. In any regard, we’ve never had any client use up the bandwidth limits of our hosting plans, even clients with millions of hits each month; this is in part due to our partnership with CloudFlare which absorbs the majority of traffic hits via their reverse proxy cache servers and which are 100% truly unlimited as far as bandwidth goes.

Lastly, regarding disk space, while DigitalOcean may offer less than “older” technology providers because of their super fast (and a bit costly) SSD drives, the truth is that most websites — even high end websites — shouldn’t need a lot of disk space. Rather than using a web server as a storage server, it is best to use a service like Google Drive, Dropbox, or even an Amazon storage bucket in the case your team has tons of photos, videos, or large media files you need to store. As far as website files themselves, almost never should a website require more than several dozens Gigabytes of storage (otherwise, your team should probably readdress the setup of your website and storage systems before proceeding).

Last modified:  11 May, 2016