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Do you offer discounts for long-term or non-profits?

At this time we do not offer any discounts for long-term purchases (i.e. annual billing for hosting plans) nor do we offer discounts for bulk purchases. Our pricing is based on upstream pricing of our partner services i.e. CloudFlare, DigitalOcean, MaxCDN, etc and is marked up at a minimum. Therefore offering discounts is not really possible for our business model as our company must pay for upstream technology services on behalf of our clients. As our pricing is marked up very minimally we aim to maintain a competitive place in the market while buiding long-term relationships with successful business owners. Our goal is not like that of companies like GoDaddy or HostGator who aim for quantity over quality; that is, we don’t really want customers to “move over 15 sites” to LittleBizzy, but rather just their “money” site that requires top notch performance and management. If you find our pricing too expensive, we encourage you to seek out web hosting services elsewhere; our pricing is already the cheapest in the industry for the services and specs that we offer. Anyway, thanks!

Actually we don’t offer pricing discounts to anyone or any type of organization as our pricing is completely locked. We don’t believe in rampant advertising, holiday promotions, or confusing pricing structures. Rather we seek to build a simple, quality service with simple, reasonable pricing. The only “discounts” we offer are coupons to certain items on our Services page for our Resellers to use to help them better scale their business as partners of ours. But even for Resellers, we never offer discounts on our monthly hosting packages.

Last modified:  20 Mar, 2016