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Why can’t I just host my site directly on DigitalOcean?

ANSWER: Actually, you can do that if you wish. However, keep in mind that emerging cloud server companies like DigitalOcean and Amazon’s AWS are aimed as massive world-wide infrastructure and positioning themselves as a “cornerstone” in the “stack” of web technology. This means that unlike consumer-oriented hosting companies, they are not setup to answer your every question or manage your server for you. They focus truly on the hardware and operating system, and that’s about it. This is a great thing, ultimately, because by these emerging Web 3.0 solutions focusing on a single layer of the “stack” they are able to keep their quality higher and “partner” with other agencies and allow a true ecosystem to emerge. Companies like LittleBizzy “manage” and configure these cloud servers on behalf of clients, making sure that the application layer (WordPress) and even DNS (CloudFlare) are working perfectly with DigitalOcean infrastructure.

In short, you can host directly on DO if you wish but you should ensure that you have a full-time development team available with sysadmin / server admin experience. Sending in support requests to DigitalOcean will quickly make you realize they are not setup to answer questions like a GoDaddy or Bluehost might do.

Our pricing is aimed at making our management extremely affordable to the point that hiring fulltime or even part time developers to manage your cloud VPS server for you would ultimately cost more than LittleBizzy (and probably have poorer performance too).

Last modified:  15 May, 2016