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Under what conditions do you ever delete servers?

ANSWER: Deleting servers is a term reserved for when our team must literally “delete” the VPS instance in our network. This differs from “disabling” a.k.a. suspending a server temporarily, which is usually the same as simply powering off the VPS in question.

Under only one of the following:

1. Failed Payment.

2. Breach of Terms. In certain cases, usually more serious ones) we reserve the right to immediately delete your server in the case you are breaking our Terms.

3. Setup Incomplete. If we still haven’t gained control of your DNS in our agency CloudFlare account for more than 1-2 billing cycles, we take it as a sign that you’ve suspended interest in completing setup. In most cases we setup DNS first before the server is configured, for this reason, but we still mention this here to exhaust all possibilities. Furthermore, if you are “redirecting” your domain/WordPress to another server/domain for more than 1-2 billing cycles, we take it as a sign that you’ve abandoned setup or have migrated your site to a new location. In this case, setup is also considered incorrect/incomplete and the server is deleted.

In any case, even when a live/incomplete server is deleted, we still retained your backups in CodeGuard and/or your DNS in CloudFlare. If your payments continue going thru, we continue hosting your CodeGuard and CloudFlare (DNS) data on your behalf, but the server will remain deleted until the above issues are resolved.

Last modified:  10 Apr, 2017