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Can or should we install the CodeGuard plugin?

ANSWER: No you shouldn’t. Their plugin was recently relaunched after having canceled the plugin for some years. However the new version of the plugin is very simplified and lacks most of the features available via CodeGuard.com. CodeGuard offers two setups: SFTP site or plugin site, and we choose SFTP for all our clients as its much more stable and more powerful for backups and less prone to issues. While we hope their WordPress plugin evolves to work in sync with the SFTP backup features, it currently does not and installing the plugin will only cause problems for your site. If you want team members to access your backup functions please share with them the CodeGuard login. If for some reason you are locked out or etc our team can always help you get back in. Plus, nobody can delete your site in CodeGuard since our agency is the owner.

Last modified:  12 May, 2016