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Can we install WordPress/blog as a subdirectory?

ANSWER: Sorry, but we can’t do this. Sometimes a company has a special software installed on their domain root like example.com but wants to use WordPress for their blog at example.com/blog/ for SEO and/or management reasons. While this is a good idea indeed for SEO, it is a total nightmare for server management. Setting up WordPress as a suddirectory when the root domain is using another software requires complex and unstable server configuration and redirection rules. Because our goal is to offer fast, stable, and in a way SIMPLE server management for WordPress, we do not offer this sort of “risky” setup to our clients. The best solution here is to use WordPress for your domain’s root instead of another software, so that your blog can be a “page” in that installation rather than a whole different software installation.

The second option is to setup your blog as a subdomain such as blog.example.com … while this is not “optimal” for SEO, it still works very well, especially if you are not publishing hundreds of posts specifically for SEO reasons every week, etc.

Last modified: 13 Sep, 2016http://bizzy.in/2c90Ide

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