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How should I 301 redirect my domain/page?

Fore those not familiar, a 301 redirect is a special “header” code for web browsers that forces a page (or entire domain) to permanently redirect to a new location (URL). 301 redirects are extremely important for usability, organization, and SEO purposes as well. If you are looking to redirect a single post/page to a new location, there are a few options. Firstly it is important to know that usually WordPress automatically redirects to the new location if your are “editing” a post and have changed its “slug” URL. However, in certain cases this may not work properly or for better stability you may wish to implement this using a 3rd party plugin such as Simple 301 Redirects.

We offer a free domain redirect service for TLD level redirects i.e. example.com >> example.net

We limit this free service to around 5 domains per account, meaning not more than 5 domains should 301 in our CloudFlare to any given “live” website we host.

However for any subdirectory, page-level, or sub-TLD redirects we recommend a free WordPress plugin such as Simple 301 Redirects.

For TLD directs:

1. activate the CloudFlare nameservers
2. put all the 301 rules in your new site using a 301 plugin
3. double check all pages on Google i.e. search “site:mydomain.com”
4. let us know to “activate” the site-wide 301 redirect from old domain to new domain on CloudFlare

Last modified: 6 Sep, 2017http://bizzy.in/1MJv0i3

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