As a growing company, we are always looking for potential relationships.

LittleBizzy is a small startup focused on managed WordPress hosting; we also offer several niche add-on services to small and medium sized businesses — our main client base. If you have a relevant service or proposal of any kind for us, we’d love to hear about it (please contact us at anytime). We also regularly post a few positions below that we are actively seeking to fill, with team members who value quality, communication, organization, honesty, and a good sense of humor :)

WordPress Support Expert (Multiple Positions Available)

AVAILABLE:  Ongoing basis (all the time).

DESCRIPTION:  LittleBizzy aims to be a niche, high-quality, managed WordPress hosting company focused on speed, stability, and security. Although we aim to attract “established” websites and more “experienced” webmasters, every web hosting company still requires support! If you are passionate and knowledgeable about WordPress, and have a strong understanding of themes, plugins, and related subjects, this may be a great part-time opportunity for you. If you have experience with WooCommerce, CloudFlare, DigitalOcean, CodeGuard, SFTP, LEMP (Nginx) servers, SEO, etc… a big plus! We expect to train our team members on specifics as time goes on, and hope it to be a valuable learning experience for everyone; being a small company we are always open to team members taking on more responsibilities and offering any suggestions they might have. Ultimately we seek long-term relationships that value communication, organization, honesty, and good humor.

LOCATION:  Remote positions (multiple) based in various time zones.

JOB TYPE:  Part-time, contractor basis.

COMPENSATION:  Depends on experience; monthly compensation + bonus for each support issue resolved; commission for every new hosting inquiry that you convert to a sale; other extra income opportunities (consulting, etc).

HOW TO APPLY:  Please send us an email with a detailed introduction and links to some of your profiles/projects.

Last modified:  20 May, 2016
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