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G Suite (Google Apps)

Google Apps is by far one of the most revolutionary decisions a business can make when it comes to organizing their online communications and resources. These days, email is an extremely sensitive resource in light of the “spying” and “hacking” revelations that Edward Snowden revealed. Besides worrying about the NSA, China, or North Korea getting into your email account, there is also the question of reliability and stability of your email access, not only from your desktop computer but also from your mobile devices, during international travel, and beyond. Simply put, Google is the ONLY company well suited to providing world-class email and business tools while simultaneously protecting its users from both governmental and private threats. There is truly no better email service available on the market right now than Gmail, and its seamless integration with Google Drive and Google Calendar are invaluable when it comes to organizing your team’s communication, schedules, and digital files. Plus, by getting your company’s domain onto Google Apps you will also be able to further simplify your accounts by maintaining your Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, and other popular tools directly from your @example.com user account. You may order Google Apps (setup only) using the link below:

G Suite requires that your team pay $5/month per user (i.e. john@company.com) via credit card billing. The setup service below is simply getting you properly setup and migrated to use Google Apps with your domain and users.

Last modified: 5 Dec, 2018http://bizzy.in/1IQVprs

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