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I’m seeing an error when I access my site?

When it comes to the internet, there are so many elements at play and so many types of “errors” when access a site, it depends entirely on the specific error or situation before anyone (including LittleBizzy) is able to diagnose why you can’t see your site. That being said, our servers run at 99% or better uptime in partnerships with DigitalOcean, the fastest growing cloud hosting provider in the world. We kindly ask that before you contact us to report your site “is not loading” you carefully review your situation and the error you are seeing. For example, did you try to load your site from another computer/phone yet? Are you logged in or logged out? Did you recently install a new theme or plugin? Did you recently clear (or not clear) Comet Cache or CloudFlare’s cache? These are the types of basic questions our team would need to know before knowing where to help you. In nearly every single case, when a client contacts us because their site “is down” their site is not in fact down at all, and there is another issue going on. In many cases, the computer they are using (esp. Macs) is having a DNS problem, or their browser (i.e. Safari, or sometimes Chrome) is trying to load outdated DNS data. In that case, try clearing your browser data, restart your computer (and router too, if possible) and that usually fixes it.

Another common issue, since we are partnered with CloudFlare for DNS optimization and security, is that you may be seeing a CloudFlare error temporarily, and not actually a server error. Carefully check your screen and see if the error you see is from CloudFlare. Is there a “try live site again” button? If so, wait a few seconds and then click that button and usually the error will disappear. As CloudFlare runs the largest DNS network in the world, every once in a while a connection will go down for several seconds in response to CloudFlare blocking a DDOS attack in the network or otherwise. “So that means CloudFlare sucks?” Not at all! CloudFlare is used by top brands in the world to stabilize DNS and security, and protect against hackers. We kindly ask you to wait a few minutes and try again, and usually such an issue will only appear every once in a very long while. In return, your site is protected and optimized free of charge by an amazing internet service.

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