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LittleBizzy Hosting Reviews (Verified Customer Reviews)

We are very humbled by these endorsements from our clients.

Market-Leading Performance With Small Business Service.

LittleBizzy started out as a niche consulting service for WordPress clients looking to speed up and secure their website, and has evolved into one of the leading WordPress optimization agencies in the world. Several of our original clients were from oDesk (now Upwork) and are still hosted with us today, while our more recent clients are primarily from referrals, direct traffic, and beyond. Below are some recent client reviews from recent years:

“Hands down one of the best partners we’ve worked with in our businesses. Can’t speak more highly of the experience we’ve had with LittleBizzy.”

Cyrus, United States

“Jesse migrated and optimised my page load times and got them from around 10 seconds to 1 second. He totally exceeded my expectations and even suggested further improvements to my page load speeds. Within 24 hours of hiring Jesse much of the work was complete and I found that I was the only real bottleneck. A rare find, thanks.”

Kunle, United Kingdom

“LittleBizzy brings the art of simplicity to managed WordPress hosting. I didn’t realize how bloated our standard hosting service was until we engaged LittleBizzy, and we haven’t looked back since. The level of customer service, and advice is first rate. The extra occasional SEO tips are also excellent, and a grateful addition to our arsenal to be the best in our field. Thanks!”

Alexander, Canada

“Need a smoking fast server? Jesse is your man.”

Jason, United States

“I am hesitant to recommend LittleBizzy. Not because of anything negative, but purely because they are our best kept secret. I am continually amazed at their level of personal, customer service, killer hosting and deep expertise on all things internet.
Use LittleBizzy – you won’t regret it.”

Ben, United States

“Jesse was a great person to work with. We had a website that was taking over 20 seconds to load. A web design firm was able to bring it down to 14 seconds. But that’s nothing close to enough. When we hired Jesse, he turned it around to about 1.3 seconds in a few days. That was amazing. He explained it well and just did an excellent job.”

Konstantin, United States

“Jesse is very reliable and an expert on WordPress server set up for performance, reliability and security! Will work with him again in the future!”

Saul, United Kingdom

“Jesse is an absolute legend! I now have a go to contractor for all my WordPress issues. Someone I can trust to get the job done in accordance to the latest technology to make my site operate the best. He took my load time down from 8 seconds to between 1-2 seconds. Gave heaps of additional service and advice. I will DEFINITELY be working with him again.”

Isaac, Australia

“I’m passionate about technology, and in particular fast websites. I’ve tried many WordPress Hosts in search of the perfect blend of speed, security and reliability. Dreamhost and WP Engine are two I’ve tried and abandoned.
LittleBizzy is without a doubt one of the best managed WordPress Hosts I’ve ever used. Jesse, the owner of LittleBizzy, balances performance, reliability and security to offer a first class experience. He constantly looks for ways to improve his offering, and is available to work through deep and nitty gritty problems with you.
If you host on LittleBizzy you will receive support from someone who deeply understands WordPress Hosting – he’s not a front line agent trying to support someone else’s system, he designed and build the hosting.
World class, thank you for a great experience Jesse!”

Vanessa, United States

“Absolutely fantastic service. We use Jesse for a very busy WordPress site, and he has been nothing short of exceptional. Load speed went from a constant headache over the course of a year and a half to best-in-class AS SOON as we switched to him.”

Seth, United States

“Jesse at LittleBizzy is BY FAR the best developer and SEO expert that I have ever worked with. I have hired countless companies who have all fallen short of expectations. LittleBizzy is THE BEST in the world. You’ll be lucky if you get to work with them.”

Daniel, United States

“In a field of millions, possibly even 10’s of millions, of freelancers out there Jesse is one of those rare gems that once you find you never want to let go.

I have worked with heaps of freelancers over the years, some on one off jobs others ongoing projects and Jesse really is at the top 1% of them all. His work ethic, professionalism, attention to detail, extensive knowledge and his raw skill is at a level that is unforseen here on oDesk. It is the sort of thing that you would expect to find if you went to a large agency that had a team of experts working for them, not from just one guy on oDesk.

In writing this review I am in 2 minds, part of me wants to share with the world how brilliant this guy is, but then at the same time I would like to keep him as a secret that only I know about.

On completing the task, his final delivery excelled well above anything I would have expected to get and he achieved so much than what was initially required. So as such I think it is only fair that in return I do the same and let everyone know that this is the man you need.

I highly recommend you contact Jesse if you need any assistance with page speed issues and let him impress you as much as he has me.”

Ben, Australia

“I utilized LittleBizzy hosting and optimization services for a busy WordPress site for a client and have been quite impressed with the speed improvements of the site. LittleBizzy’s hosting environment is also simple and secure which I appreciate. Very knowledgable company.”

Leah, United States

“Best service you’ll find for wordpress! Hurry and switch and your site and service will the best you’ll find anywhere across the net. LittleBizzy RULES!”

Victor, United States

Are you ready to rock? Choose a hosting plan right now or contact us today with any further questions. Cheers!

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Last modified:  26 Mar, 2019