Agencies are the cornerstone of what we are trying to achieve.

Ever since LittleBizzy was launched in early 2015, our business model has attracted solid interest among resellers, especially web design agencies or “management” teams that maintain dozens of WordPress websites on behalf of their clients. Because these teams are often focused on design and development, they seek out LittleBizzy as a trusted technical partner to oversee all aspects of web hosting and performance; that is, our core values of speed, stability, and security on the backend are a perfect match for developers who would rather put their energy into the frontend! :)

If you are interested in becoming an official Reseller of LittleBizzy services, it is very easy to get started. You simply register a normal (free) account at and begin by ordering some hosting plans on behalf of your own clients. That is, you will be the account “owner” and your name and payment details will be “in charge” of all the hosting plans (and services) that you order on behalf of those clients; you will also be the single point of contact (SPOC) regarding all support issues (which there are usually very few of, due to our extremely robust and secure environment).

After you have achieved 3+ recurring hosting plans on your account (these cannot be your own web properties, but rather web properties that you manage) then we will officially consider you part of our Reseller Program and will issue you a special coupon code that’s locked to your account, good for discounts on several of our add-on services, including free SFTP access (unlimited), 50% off SSL installation, SendGrid management, etc, plus other perks including Skype availability.

Note: if you have several client sites ready to go, please get in touch with us before ordering!

CURRENT DISCOUNTS (order sub-total must exceed $40):

Explanation: We have designed these discounts with the purpose of encouraging Resellers to order a few add-on services at the same time that they place a new hosting plan order for their clients, as the sub-total must exceed $40 for the coupon to apply. In this way we hope to see Resellers ordering hosting + SFTP + SSL + SendGrid (etc) on a typical new order with LittleBizzy.

In the case that our team does not reach out to you first, please feel free to contact us and remind us that you are a Reseller who has achieved at least 3+ recurring hosting plans and we will happily include you into the Reseller program and add you to our private email newsletter for Resellers (only a few emails per year).

At this time, we have no plan to offer discounts to Resellers on our recurring monthly rates for hosting plans, however this could possibly change at some point in the future. Ultimately, we cherish long-term relationships and want to do whatever we can to maintain healthy, mutually beneficial partnerships that remain flexible over time.

If you have any questions or feedback on this program, please feel free to contact us at anytime via email.

Thanks for your interest in partnering with LittleBizzy!

Last modified:  26 Sep, 2016
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