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Why is SFTP access not included free of charge?

SFTP is a technology that LittleBizzy (and most web hosts) believe is commonly abused and misused — moreover, its truly not necessary for WordPress websites. Over the years, FTP access has become something that webmasters automatically expect, and use for a wide variety of inappropriate things such as file storage, hacking of core files, uploading CSS changes out of pure laziness, etc. Using the WordPress admin to manage all of your themes, plugins, and uploads not only keeps all file permissions/owners intact and free of problems, but also makes sure that your WordPress system/database “knows” what is going on. For example, uploading an image or video to your Media tool means that file is catalogued in your database and then properly cached and protected via WordPress and Nginx security rules. FTP on the other hand nearly always tends to encourage laziness, messiness, poor security, poor maintenance, poor organization, less cache leveraging, slower loading speed, and so forth and so on. Truly, SFTP should be a monthly cost due to all the problems it causes, but because industry expectations have driven this down to a “normal expectation” of web hosting, LittleBizzy offers SFTP access as a one-time setup fee instead. Do we profit from this? Not really! Does $20 really make up for the nightmares that SFTP causes our team? Definitely not! But by charging a nominal fee, we remind our clients that SFTP is a privilege, and its something that demands more support work per customer than would otherwise be needed. We hope this makes sense, thanks for understanding!

Last modified:  14 Aug, 2015