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Howdy! Thanks for stopping by. LittleBizzy was founded by Jesse Nickles at the request of his customers and offers the best managed WordPress hosting in the world for a select group of awesome clients. If you are interested in joining the LittleBizzy family, please email us below to start a conversation. If you are a current customer, you may open a support ticket below, otherwise anyone is welcome to chat casually with us via Skype at anytime. Cheers!

Setup and migration of new servers on LittleBizzy is usually completed within 24-48 hours. To help expedite this process, please email us with the login details for your old server’s WordPress admin, cPanel/etc, and FTP (if available). Otherwise, our team will email you to coordinate the free server migration and will later send a final confirmation of your new VPS details.

Be sure to check out our New User Guide if you haven’t done so already.

For all customer support inquiries, please login to our Zendesk portal below. For everyone’s sake, please be sure to carefully review our FAQ page first before opening a ticket. Thanks!

Note: Our response time is less than 12 hours, and we do NOT have a 24/7 support team.

Open a new support ticket (LittleBizzy username/password required)

Keep in mind that 3rd party designers or developers may not send support inquiries regarding a LittleBizzy account from any email address except the one listed on the relevant LittleBizzy account. Our team welcomes casual non-support questions anytime via our Skype account below.

Horseback:  LittleBizzy, 848 N Rainbow Blvd #4064, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89107, USA
Email: (for general/business inquiries)
Phone:  (702) 625-2966 (pre-sales, voicemail only)
Skype:  littlebizzy (casual questions)

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