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BANNED: Scott Gilbert (Harassment, Slander)

LittleBizzy is a small, independent business. We do not have thousands of dollars to spend on attorneys every single time someone tries to harass, defame, or scam our company. Instead, we simply add them to a public list of Banned Users. While some of these individuals might claim to have been our customers in an attempt to hurt our reputation, the truth is that none of them were ever our customers, who are protected by our strict Privacy Policy. Our goal in publishing this information is to expose and publicly document their ongoing misdeeds, either in preparation for future legal action or in the hope that legal action might be avoided. Note: Complies with all U.S. and E.U. laws, including GDPR Erasure.

Category: Harassment, Slander

Continually harasses our team via email asking for free support against our Terms and the rules of our contact page. When he didn’t get what he wanted, he publicly slandered our team on the forums and told the public not to “do business” with LittleBizzy.

Yet another person who thinks we owe him free services, despite never having been our client or customer:

Scott Gilbert

Warning to anyone who does business with Scott Gilbert, he will slander you on public websites if you don’t give him free services!

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Last modified:  15 May, 2019