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SCAM ALERT: Ceramic Pro Review (Harassment, Fraud, Slander)

LittleBizzy is a small, independent business. We do not have thousands of dollars to spend on attorneys every single time someone tries to harass, defame, or scam our company. Instead, we simply add them to a public list of Banned Users. While some of these scammers claim to have been our customers in an attempt to hurt our reputation, the truth is that none of these people were ever our customers, who are protected by our strict Privacy Policy.

Category: harassment, fraud, slander

Employees of Ceramic Pro Americas, based in San Diego, California have continually harassed us and attempted to extort us for free software and support services. Instead of simply paying to join our platform, Ceramic Pro “Vice President” Brett Benito has allowed his little buddy, Naveed Moein, to spend months harassing us via email and social media. They have also written dozens of fake reviews about our company on consumer review websites like Yelp, Facebook, Bark, BirdEye, and more, pretending to be our customers which is 100% untrue. All of this because we didn’t give them free services. Do you think they give their products away free of charge? Of course not.

They even created a fake “female” account on Yelp, and claimed that we had sexually harassed them over the phone. They have now been shadowbanned from the Yelp platform.

This is the type of disgusting, unprofessional, and possibly criminal behavior you can expect from Ceramic Pro Americas. Their team has even attempted to hurt our industry relationships and client base by emailing dozens of companies and consumers and trying to intimidate them (unsuccessfully).

Ceramic Pro Americas

Associates: Naveed Moein
Associates: Brett Benito

Last modified:  29 Mar, 2019