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Banned Clients

Below is an ongoing list of people we’ve “banned” from LittleBizzy due to their dishonest business practices, in an effort to warn other agencies out there, or for as long as it takes for the inappropriate behavior to cease… hopefully others planning to do business with these individuals can discover some of their misdeeds by doing a quick Google search:

Gabriel Rincon (Mobius Internet, Baton Rouge, Louisiana) — Sends fake business inquiries about “wholesale web hosting” in order to promote his failed web design and “ISP” company known as “Mobius” a.k.a. “Computer Services Group”, which despite being around “since 1994!” has zero customer reviews or online references. Mmmkay.

Adrian Taropa (Webtemple/TD Labs, Toronto, Ontario) — Leaves negative 1-star reviews of our free WordPress plugins in an attempt to force us into supporting the WordPress Multisite platform. Because Burger King, or something.

Corey Kretsinger (Midstate Design, Little Falls, Minnesota) — Leaves negative 1-star reviews of our free WordPress plugins in an attempt to force us into removing our “recommended plugins” notice from the WP Admin dashboard. Also apparently presided over the (now failed) web hosting business midstatehosting.com.

Lars Bøgild Thomsen (Digiquant A/S, Copenhagen, Denmark) — Posts defamatory information about our plugins, accusing us of injecting “spam” into automated plugin updates. Apparently fails to understand how WordPress notices function, not to mention the meaning of “spam.” Also presided over the failed hosting business blognook.com.

Damien Mather, Muhammad A (Leading Edge Systems Pty Ltd, Australia/Denmark/India) — Sends fake product orders through apparently to conduct industry “spying”, then publicly slanders our company despite never being our client. Appears to use a variety of fake online identities and international addresses; also doing business under lesys.in, securitygladiators.com, technologypep.com, thebestproxyserver.com, etc as well as several illegal (dark web) domains like silkroaddrugs.org, blackmarketreloaded.org, thedrugcentre.com, thefreesoftwaredepot.com, etc.

Credit card fraud (trying to get free work) via Upwork:

  • Ashley Adewuyi, Nicholas Richards (Roho LLC, New York, Roho.io)

Slandering our free plugins with false statements:

A large part of the open-source software (OSS) community is donating time and money toward improving free software, and working together toward improved functionality. Instead, the below individuals continually slander our free plugin contributions with false and misleading statements, sometimes in an effort to “extort” us into adding certain features…

  • Michael Paul Bourne
  • Karl Simanonok, simanonok.com
  • jgleggit (@jgleggit)
  • artsvi91, WPLifeCare
  • Derek Hallquist — wannabe Hollywood director who makes dozens of failed documentaries, including “Denial” in which Hallquist tries to prove global warming is real using gender theory (no joke). “We would talk about the complications of climate change which would then in a funny way explain the complications of gender identity. And the solutions of gender identity would then help with finding out solutions to thinking about climate change and how we deal with it.”

Harassing our team via email to obtain “free” support

In multiple places on our contact page and within our free projects (WordPress plugins, SlickStack, etc) we specifically ask users not to harass our team via email or social media in pursuit of “free” support; we invite members of the public to instead join our Facebook group if they have a question or suggestion. Unfortunately, many users still feel entitled to do so…

  • Pedro Dourado, comunicacaoaberta.org, ise.org.br
  • Joe Rowlands, steveshydroponics.ca
  • Eduardo Julian Marin, prismatikgroup.com
  • Nathan Sutton, bellsbrewingco.com.au
  • Hyunsung Lee (이현성), theragenetex.com
  • Ryan Moreno, morenocollective.com
  • Carlos Ruano, vainillachocolate.mx
  • Che (말레이시아 자유여행 정보교류), soultrip7.kr
Last modified:  19 Sep, 2018
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